Five Easy Tips for Maximizing Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Give your home a chance to make its best first impression by focusing on easy upgrades that offer major curb appeal. Here are five simple tips to freshen up your outdoor space and give your home a face-lift.

1) Get Back to Basics

Never underestimate the power of a stone walkway, quality mulch, some flowering shrubs and a couple of nice planters.

2) Try Softscaping

With a focus on adding texture, softscaping involves layering different types of plants to create an interesting mix while also ensuring that something is always blooming.

3) Give Your Lawn Some Love

Now is the time to put the work in on your lawn. That means fertilizing, aerating and watering that gorgeous grass.

4) Paint it

Paint checks in as one of the most inexpensive upgrades you can make. Pick a new bright color for the front door, or revive your trim and shutters with a fresh coat.

5) Don’t Forget Finishing Touches

A new mailbox, modern house numbers and updated exterior lighting can go a long way toward freshening up your home’s look.