7 Questions to ask yourself before you begin your home search

Let’s be realistic, there are no perfect homes. You are ultimately responsible for deciding what the essential features are that you require. Here are a few questions to consider so that you can start compiling your wish list:

1. What type of home interests you?

  • Single family: A single-family home will suit you if you are seeking the most privacy. Since it is built on its own slice of land, you’ll have some distance from your neighbors.
  • Townhouse: A townhouse is a little different. It will share 1 or 2 sides of your home with your neighbors’ townhouse. You will also share ownership of the common use areas (ie. land, pool, clubhouse). Note that you will have a monthly fee that covers exterior maintenance of property and any common use areas.
  • Condo: Similar to the townhouse above, however the unit maybe similar to apparent living.

2. Are schools a factor?

If you have a little one either in school or soon to be in school, you might want to consider an area with a good school district. Check out niche.com to discover what towns and/or neighborhoods are right for you.

3. Do you need to be close to public transportation?

If you do not own a car or commute to the city, then finding a home next to public transportation is a must! In most cases, using Google Maps is a great way to find out how close a home is to public transportation.

4. How many bedrooms and bathrooms do you need?

For home resale value, 3+ bedrooms / 2+ bathrooms are a must. However larger or smaller families may have different needs. If you are looking for a starter home or condo, 2 bed / 1 bath might be more suited to you.

5. What other interior features are important to you?

Do you love cooking and would enjoy an updated kitchen? Do you enjoy hosting dinner parties and could use a formal dining room? Do you work form home and need an office space? Or perhaps, you have a few little ones running around and need a large family room.

6. What about exterior features?

Have you considered a garage, yard size, patio/deck, hot tub, view, or waterfront?

7. Do you need a Real Estate agent?

Perhaps you like that “modern” look and feel of a home or you might for more conformable with that old word charm. A Real Estate agent can set you up for listing alerts that can help you keep track of new properties that come on the market that meet your criteria.