3 Ways Neighborhood Affects Your Home Search

Your next move

One of the most important aspects of purchasing a home is the neighborhood. After all, you’re not just selecting a new home, you’re deciding on the community where you will build a life!

Consider these factors in choosing a neighborhood

  1. Nearby Amenities – Are you looking for a home near a good church, top schools or convenient stores? Learn what amenities you’ll be near and consider how it will affect commute times, running errands or just going out for fun.
  2. Observe the Neighbors – Are there many children in the neighborhood? Are the streets lined with cars? How well are the neighbors’ yards maintained? Details like these can reveal a lot about the neighborhood’s personality.
  3. Consider Your Safety – Feeling safe in your neighborhood goes beyond installing a security system. Do neighbors walk their dogs or go for morning jogs? Are the streets noisy when you drive down them at night? What are the crime statistics?